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Hi, I’m Pete

As the owner of North Bay POOP 911, I guarantee your complete satisfaction with every job my team completes. Whether it’s an occasional visit or a regular pickup routine, you can count on us to clean every inch of your property. Our goal is to keep all of our clients happy.

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North Bay San Francisco Pooper Scooper Service POOP 911

North Bay San Francisco Pooper Scooper Service POOP 911 is owner operated and has the answers to all of your poop scooping worries. Parents coming to visit? Kids have a birthday party? Ready to plant those new rose bushes? Call on us to clean and deodorize your yard, patio and dog runs—so you can get back to carefree living.

Our Mission

POOP 911 has been doing the dirty work since 2005. Our goal? To give pet parents everywhere more free time with their furry friends. Treat yourself to our array of helpful services and enjoy your time at home.

Dog-Loving Professionals

Our technicians are in the business of helping people enjoy their pets to the fullest. Dressed in uniform, they remove pet waste year-round and will even clean and deodorize decks, patios, and dog runs. Just look for a 
door hanger and know the job’s done.

North Bay San Francisco POOP 911 Services

  • Pet waste removal
  • Food and water refills
  • Yard deodorizing
  • Patio cleaning
  • Doggie playtime
  • And more!

Apartments, HOAs, and Dog Parks

Let’s keep our North Bay San Francisco neighborhoods beautiful! Get a customized quote for services to suit your community’s needs. We can install clean-up stations, restock dog waste bags, poop scoop designated areas, and more.

Special Events

From pet parades and charity fundraisers to corporate outings, make sure your guests have a blast — instead of watching where they step. Our friendly crew will patrol your event from start to finish, so you can simply enjoy the day.

  • Our Service Areas

    Marin County, Napa County, Sonoma County, Bel Marin Keys, Belvedere, Black Point, Corte Madera, Fairfax, Green Point, Greenbrae, Hamilton, Ignacio, Kentfield, Larkspur, Las Gallinas, Lucas Valley, Marin City, Marinwood, Mill Valley, Nicasio, Novato, San Anselmo, San Geronimo, San Quentin, San Rafael, Santa Venetia, Sausalito, Strawberry, Tamalpais, Tiburon, Woodacre

The POOP 911 Guarantee

We want you to be satisfied — 100% of the time. Should we ever fall short, just let us know. We’ll refund your visit or cover the next one FREE.

Hi, I’m Pete

As the owner of North Bay POOP 911, I guarantee your complete satisfaction with every job my team completes. Whether it’s an occasional visit or a regular pickup routine, you can count on us to clean every inch of your property. Our goal is to keep all of our clients happy.

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POOP 911 North Bay
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Arrived on time, thorough. Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thanks Sherri!
Great service. They are thorough and friendly and my dogs love them, too!If you ever have a question, they respond immediately.
Response from the owner: And we love Yuki and Kaycee!! Thanks for the great review Louise!
Great company. Follows my requests like keeping the gate locked. Used them for years.
Response from the owner: Melina - Thank you for taking the time to review our service and the terrific rating!
Professional, Courteous , Punctual. Nice to my dog. Very reasonable price. Brian is awesome. Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: Thanks Mike, I'll share your review with Bryan!
I've got chronic back pain and two large dogs. These guys save me! I'm so grateful for their service and they're always prompt and communicative.
Response from the owner: Thank you Emily! We appreciate the kind words and great rating.
This is The best company . They are servicing in our area. Pete is always answering phone call and emails.Bryan he is picking every week. he is very nice person. he does nice job.......
Response from the owner: Hi Se Se, thanks for the kind words and 5 stars. We appreciate it!
I am so grateful that there is a business that does this work. I so appreciate theconsistency and quality of the service they provide. And, they even play with my dog.
Response from the owner: Linda, thank you for sharing this great review. We are delighted our service is so appreciated!
Great service because the team is consistent and on time. I get a text 20 minutes before the come in to do the pick up. Love the Poop 911 Service.
Response from the owner: Thank you Joseph! Greatly appreciated!
Poop911 is awesome and we would highly recommend them to everyone!
Response from the owner: Thank you Nicole!
Great service every time. Very nice group of personnel. Since I have MS, this service is a godsend.
Response from the owner: Thank Farah! We appreciate the acknowledgement of your satisfaction with our services!
perform the service rain or shine, always dependable!
Response from the owner: Thank you Richard! Your review is appreciated greatly!
I’ve been using this service for about 9 years now and I love it! I would recommend it to anyone!
Response from the owner: Thanks Mila! We appreciate your recommendation and your appreciation of our service!
I work full time and expecially in winter it is dark when I get home and too rushed in the morning to get to it. It is a well worth it luxury I NEED!
Amazing service!! Highly recommend!!
Response from the owner: Thank you Suzanne! Happy to know our commitment to service is appreciated.
Professionals very reliable.
Response from the owner: Thank you Chanie!
Reliable and thorough. Great communication also, including telling us when something was wrong with our gate. Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Thank you Abigail! We really appreciate your wonderful review!
Amazing customer service. Very professional and easy to work with.
Response from the owner: Nadia - Thanks for the terrific review. We're happy to assist you!
Best decision we have ever made - they are great with the dogs and we don't have to play 'easter egg hunt' in our backyard every week :-)
Response from the owner: Ingrid, thanks for the great review. Give the dogs a treat from me! :)
This service is the best !!!!!!!Michael has been my yard saver with the poop clean up . I tore my ACL a few months ago and Michael has helped my yard be clean and poop free for a few months now. He is great with communicating to me when he is on the way and always is happy to help with yard set up so my dogs won’t get out the gate , by and insuring my dogs are safe, my yard is clean and fragrance free of poop . The winter days come in handy as well as the yard gets wet and poop 911 cleans it all up, thanks poop 911 for this service and I want to specially thank Michael for all these weeks with his assistance.
Response from the owner: Nae, thank you for you're terrific review. We appreciate your kudos to Michael as we don't often get such high acknowledgement of our service. We hope we can continue servicing your yard after your recovery!
They do a great job of meeting and making friends with your dogs. Pretty low interaction and engagement, which i love. reasonable priced
Response from the owner: Thank you Hodari!
I’ve been using Poop911 for more than 3 years. They come once every week and have never missed. Great service! The service is affordable, employees are friendly. I have three dogs and a relatively small yard, and it keeps the flies away!
Response from the owner: Thank you Nancy! We really appreciate your loyalty for so many years.
Great doggy clean up service that comes in on time and regularly. The team is very communicative with email and text. And we get weekly pickup for our 2 very large dogs. I can speak enough of how great this service is. We had it ofr 2+ years and going.
Response from the owner: Joseph - Thanks for the terrific review! We really appreciate it.
Poop 911! Guy is awesome!
Response from the owner: Thanks Johnnie!
I've been trying to find a company, actually to respond to my inquiry, who can do the poop cleaning for my backyard. And POOP 911 was one of the ones who got back to me quickly and with zero pressure and great prices.I work 40 hrs a week, attend grad school, and love being able to spend time with my family. My husband works 40+ hrs a week and takes care of his Dad. The yard just kept getting away from us both.Since having them come out yard has been perfect. I don't stress about it. I get to enjoy my time with my pups instead of going outside to just clean.It's a service I appreciate. I highly recommend Poop 911 North Bay, you will not regret using them.
Response from the owner: Kshatriya, thank you for the testament to our services. It is great to receive acknowledgement that our service is so helpful and appreciated.
Poop 911 has made my life so much easier! We don’t always have time to walk the dogs and poop 911 is always there on time to keep my yard clean. I personally do the twice a week service and strongly recommend them to anyone who needs this service
Response from the owner: Thank you Miles! We really appreciate the great review, positive feedback and recommendation!
Poop 911 has been an excellent yard cleaning service. They do thorough work and provide our anxious pet with nice treats when she is confused why someone is taking her precious presents she left for us.
Response from the owner: Think you for great review Julie! We appreciate it very much and we will continue to do our best to keep you and your dog happy!
Bryan is consistently upbeat, professional, courteous, prompt and efficient! Kudos to Bryan at Poop 911! 👍😃
Response from the owner: Thanks Sam, Bryan and I appreciate the shout out!
Brian has worked with us for years. Very nice man, happy to have him in my yard each week. Very dependable!
Response from the owner: Julie - Thank you for the terrific rating and acknowledging Bryan's work!
I've used Poop911 for a few years now and it is by far one of the best decisions our family has ever made! I am not exaggerating-it has been life changing. It has been worth every penny.
Response from the owner: Thank you Becki, we appreciate the affirmation!
Love this business. I have no complaints at all. It’s the best thing I’ve done especially when I’m busy raising kiddos and I didn’t get a chance to go clean up outside.
Response from the owner: Thank you Karina - We are happy to be of service and appreciate you spreading the word with your great review!
They saved my life and weekends!
Response from the owner: Thank you Sara, happy to be of service!
We have used poop 911North Bay for over a year they are always on time do in good job. We love Barbara she is wonderful and very pleasant. We are happy
Response from the owner: Thank you Pearline. I will pass your comments to Barbara.
Bryan is my service tech and he is so professional, friendly, patient, respectful and thorough. I am so glad to have found this service and I hope they stay in business for a long time!!!
Response from the owner: Hi Jennifer - Thank you so much for the positive review and feedback on Bryan and our services!
After having 2 serious heart attacks last summer I realized I was gonna need help. Friends helped but it felt weird so I searched for a service hoping I could afford something. I should have looked years ago. For less than 30 bucks a week /visit they come let themselves in after a few visits so I'm not bothered. They clean up all the poop then they deodorize the yard and then they leave locking everything on the way out and for a a few extra bucks they'll even play ball with your pooch for 15 min. And give them a biscuit... it makes all the difference. And the people are super friendly.
Response from the owner: Sugar, thanks for the terrific informative review! We really appreciate it.
This is such an amazing service! If you have dogs it is nice to have extra help keeping your yard clean. 😉 👍
Response from the owner: Brandi - Thanks for the kudos about our service. We really appreciate the review.
Great service, friendly provider!! Our servicer comes consistently every week, very quick and professional, and is very friendly to our pup! We had some large things on the side of the house while moving in and he worked around them without complaint! Would definitely recommend!
Response from the owner: Hi Janes - thanks for taking the time to provide a detailed, positive review. We greatly appreciate it.
This is a great service!! I highly recommend them
They are awesome! They go the extra mile! Pay attention to gates being locked, giving the pups a little attention. love it!
Pet waste removal and deodorization --- this service of amazing and worth every penny!
Response from the owner: Suzanne, thank you so much for the great review!
PJ was awesome. She really went above and beyond what I was expecting . (Especially for the price.) If I had known how inexpensive it was I would have called ages ago!
Response from the owner: Hi Tonie - Great to hear we are exceeding expectations! Thank you for the feedback.
I called Poop911 to start poop service for my elderly parents. Barbara was communicative, professional, and accommodating to my parents' needs.
Response from the owner: Jada, thank you for taking the time to give us a great review. We appreciate the feedback!
Great service!
Response from the owner: Sheri, Thank you for the 4 star review.
They are amazing, thorough, and consistent. It's a great deal. My dog thanks you!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ great service! Give them a try! You won’t be disappointed!
They do a really good job of picking up the dog poop.
Just plane old Excellent Service!
We love this weekly service and recommend it to anyone who has a dog and enjoys spending time in their backyard.

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