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My Greater Lansing POOP 911 team is here to help busy pet parents stay ahead of the piles their furry family members leave behind. We take pride in our work and will not rest until your yard is poop free. Our primary focus is to give you more time with your friends and family by taking the pooper scooper chore off your list.

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Greater Lansing Pooper Scooper Service POOP 911

POOP 911 Great Lansing pooper scooper service yard sign being held by a smiling brown dog.

POOP 911 Greater Lansing Pooper Scooper Service is the top pet waste removal company in the heart of Michigan. Our professional dog-friendly team is here to make being a dog parent easier. Your green poop-free yard will be ready for any backyard party. Let our pooper scoopers take a chore off your list so you can spend more time in the yard with friends and family.

Greater Lansing POOP 911 has dedicated pet-friendly technicians to take poop scooping off your to-do list at an economical price. POOP 911 is on a quest to help pet owners keep their outdoor spaces safe and clean. From pooper scooper services to patio cleaning, POOP 911 wants to make life a little easier for all of Greater Lansing’s pet parents.

Working with pet families in the Greater Lansing area is our passion, founded from a love and appreciation for family, children, dogs, and cats spending quality time together in the yard, footloose and worry-free.

Why POOP 911 Greater Lansing?

Hygiene and Health:
Pet waste isn’t just an eyesore; it can also pose health risks. Feces in your yard can lead to the proliferation of harmful bacteria and parasites. POOP 911 creates a healthier environment for your family and pets by promptly removing pet waste.

Eliminating Unpleasant Odors:
The foul odor of accumulated pet waste can be overwhelming. It’s unpleasant for you and your family and can also be a nuisance to your neighbors. POOP 911 will ensure that your yard remains odor-free, creating a more pleasant environment.

Preventing Lawn Damage:
Pet waste contains enzymes and acids that can harm your grass. Over time, this can lead to unsightly brown spots and patchy areas in your yard. A scheduled POOP 911 service will help prevent lawn damage and ensures your grass stays green and healthy.

Environmental Responsibility:
Proper disposal of pet waste is essential to prevent contamination of soil and water sources. POOP 911 knows how to dispose of waste responsibly, adhering to local regulations in Greater Lansing, Michigan. This contributes to a cleaner and more eco-friendly community.

Time-Saving Convenience:
Life can be busy, and cleaning up after your pets is often the last thing you want to do after a long day. Hiring a professional service frees up your time, allowing you to enjoy your yard without the hassle of cleanup. Spend your weekends relaxing, not scooping.

Expertise and Efficiency:
POOP 911 professional pet-friendly technicians understand the nuances of pet waste removal. We use specialized equipment and techniques to clean your yard efficiently. This expertise ensures thorough cleanup and minimizes the chances of missing hidden waste.

Regular Service Options:
POOP 911 offers a variety of flexible scheduling options, including weekly, bi-weekly, and customized visits that fit your busy lifestyle. This ensures that your yard remains consistently clean so you can enjoy it year-round without interruption.

POOP 911 Greater Lansing promotes yard aesthetics, hygiene, and health, eliminates unpleasant odors, prevents lawn damage, and upholds environmental responsibility. Moreover, it saves valuable time and ensures efficient pet waste removal by America’s most trusted pooper scooper service, POOP 911.

Is Greater Lansing, Michigan Pet-Friendly?

Yes! Greater Lansing, Michigan is a pet-friendly haven that beckons pet lovers from far and wide with its unique charm and thoughtful amenities. Situated in the heart of Michigan, this hidden gem goes above and beyond to ensure our furry friends are treated like royalty. But what sets Greater Lansing apart as a pet paradise? Let’s embark on a delightful journey to uncover the secrets that make this city a haven for pets and their adoring owners.

Greater Lansing boasts an array of dog-friendly parks where your four-legged pals can stretch their legs and embrace the great outdoors. From the vast expanse of Hawk Island Park to the scenic tranquility of Fenner Nature Center, these green oases are a dog’s dream come true. Watching your pup bound through the grass under the open sky is a sight that warms any pet owner’s heart.

But it doesn’t end with parks. In Greater Lansing, you’ll find many **pet-friendly trails** that wind through picturesque landscapes. Take your pooch on an adventure through the Northern Tier Trail or the Lansing River Trail, where nature and city life harmoniously coexist. These trails are perfect for long walks or invigorating runs with furry companions.

What’s more, Greater Lansing understands the importance of pet-friendly establishments. From charming cafes with outdoor seating to top-notch restaurants, many places here welcome you and your pets with open arms. Enjoy a delightful meal while your pup lounges by your side, making every dining experience memorable.

Greater Lansing is a pet-friendly city, not only because of its recreational opportunities but also because it prioritizes the well-being of pets. The city is home to an array of veterinary clinics staffed with caring professionals who go the extra mile to keep your pets healthy and happy. Regular check-ups, vaccinations, and emergency care are just a phone call away, giving you peace of mind.

As a pet owner, you’ll appreciate the convenience of numerous pet supply stores sprinkled across Greater Lansing. From holistic pet foods to stylish collars and toys, you’ll find everything you need to pamper your furry friends. The city’s commitment to providing for your pet’s every need is evident at every turn.

But not just the parks, trails, and pet-friendly establishments make Greater Lansing a pet-friendly paradise. It’s the vibrant pet-loving community that genuinely sets it apart. Connect with like-minded pet enthusiasts and share stories on raising happy and healthy pets. You’ll quickly discover that in Greater Lansing, you’re part of a more prominent family that values and celebrates the bond between humans and their beloved animals.

In Greater Lansing, you won’t have to worry about finding pet-friendly housing. The city offers many options, from apartments to houses, that welcome your furry companions. No more compromises; secure the perfect home where every family member, including your pet, feels at ease.

Greater Lansing is a pet-friendly city that understands the unique needs and joys of pet ownership. This city has everything from dog-friendly parks and trails to pet-friendly establishments and a supportive community. So, if you’re a pet lover looking for a place to call home, look no further than Greater Lansing, Michigan – a pet paradise waiting to be explored.

Our Mission

Poop 911 has been doing the dirty work since 2005. Our goal? To give pet parents everywhere more free time with their furry friends. Treat yourself to our array of helpful services and enjoy your time at home.

Dog-Loving Professionals

Our technicians are in the business of helping people enjoy their pets to the fullest. Dressed in uniform, they remove pet waste year-round and will even clean and deodorize decks, patios, and dog runs. Just look for a door hanger and know the job’s done.

Greater Lansing POOP 911 Services

  • Pet waste removal
  • Food and water refills
  • Yard deodorizing
  • Patio cleaning
  • And more!

Apartments, HOAs, and Dog Parks

Let’s keep our Greater Lansing neighborhoods beautiful! Get a customized quote for services to suit your community’s needs. We can install clean-up stations, restock dog waste bags, poop scoop designated areas, and more.

Special Events

From pet parades and charity fundraisers to corporate outings, make sure your guests have a blast — instead of watching where they step. Our friendly crew will patrol your event from start to finish, so you can simply enjoy the day.

  • Our Service Areas

    Ingham County

    Cities: Dansville, East Lansing, Haslett, Holt, Lansing, Leslie, Mason, Okemos, Onondaga, Stockbridge, Webberville, Williamston

The POOP 911 Guarantee

We want you to be satisfied — 100% of the time. Should we ever fall short, just let us know. We’ll refund your visit or cover the next one FREE.


My Greater Lansing POOP 911 team is here to help busy pet parents stay ahead of the piles their furry family members leave behind. We take pride in our work and will not rest until your yard is poop free. Our primary focus is to give you more time with your friends and family by taking the pooper scooper chore off your list.

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did a great job even came a day early to beat the snow storm highly recommended 👌 👍 😀
Keeps yard clean and land mine free! My puppers cant be any happier having a clean space to do his business and file his daily paperwork. Thank you for your service!
Such a great service! Good communication, great service, and super Covid friendly. Would absolutely recommend!

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