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Additional Services

More good stuff. Mix and match POOP 911 services.


Additional Services to Suit Your Needs.

Along with poop scooping, our team can tackle a wide range of responsibilities. Just let us know what you need and consider it done.

Leaf Raking

“Leave no leaf unturned” is our motto in fall. We’ll scoop the poop, rake the leaves, bag it neatly, and pile it all up on the curb for you.

Dog Walking

Don’t feel guilty when you leave for work. (Somebody has to pay for all those toys and treats.) We’d love to take your dog out to stroll, stretch their legs, and even smell the roses.


Wish a few outdoor spaces were off limits? Our safe, effective repellent discourages dogs and cats from relieving themselves on lawns, flower beds, driveways, sidewalks, or anywhere else you prefer.

Recycled Waste Bags

Scooping is good, but protecting the world beyond your yard is even better. Made with 55% recycled plastic, our bags are eco-friendly and easy on the environment.

Patio Cleaning

Our team can rinse off any deck, patio, or walkway you like so the whole perimeter of your home feels fresh and clean. Just leave your hose hooked up for us and we’ll get right to work.

Deodorizing Spray

If next-level fresh is what you’re after, our deodorizing spray will put a smile on your face. Made of all-natural ingredients, our spray contains enzymes that break down odors and leave your yard smelling like a breath of fresh air.


After-work event on the horizon? We can check your pup’s provisions, adding food or water as necessary. Just let us know where to find it and how much we should feed. (We’re hesitant to believe what the dog tells us.)

Weekly Services
as low as $11.95.

Prices may vary based on service area.

Sorry — we’re not in your area yet.

But you could change that!

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